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Cincinnati Gutter Guards

EMA Construction uses the Shur Flo and Leaf Relief® gutter protection products that can easily be installed in any new or existing gutter system.

Shur Flo: Strong, Effective and Affordable

Another solution EMA Construction offers for gutter protection is Shur Flo gutter protection system. Using Shur Flo's patented perf-flow filtration system, rainwater from your roof drains while leaves, pine needles, twigs and even the smallest debris are suspended on top of the panel. Air circulation from above and below the system allows the leaves and debris to dry up and blow away in the wind.

Shur Flo protection systems can be installed on 5" or 6" gutters. Unless your gutters are damaged, there is no need to replace your existing gutters. Worried about looks? Don't be. Shur Flo is made to fit snugly to the top of your gutters. The low profile makes it virtually invisible from the ground, so it won't affect the appearance of your home. Made with hi-temper aluminum, Shur Flo will never rust, rot or distort. Beyond that, Shur Flor will not lift or penetrate your roof shingles. Even better, Shur Flo will not void any roof warranties.

Shur Flo gutter protection is manufacturered by U.S. Aluminum, Inc., which has been in business since 1978 and is a leading manufacturer of quality rain gutter accessories. With over 25 employees and with manufacturing plants in Milwaukee and Brookfield, WI, U.S. Aluminum, Inc. also manufactures essentials such as hidden hangers, quick screw hangers, strip mitres, end caps, outlets, and fasteners.

Leaf Relief: A Reliable Choice

Leaf Relief’s patented Aluma-Perf technology protects the gutters from natural debris in normal wind conditions. It can drain 29.7" of rainfall an hour, which is more than the highest rainfall ever recorded (Holt, Missouri 1947 at 12") in one hour.

Securely mounted and firmly fit in place, Leaf Relief gutter guards resist high winds, heavy amounts of snow and ice, ladder damage, and pest invasion. Furthermore, Leaf Relief products have a 10-year "No Clog, No Overflow" warranty and are made of solid aluminum with proven performance. They require almost no maintenance.

EMA Construction trusts these products as they are totally debris efficient, fit in all roof slopes, virtually invisible from the ground, flexible under extreme weather conditions, and UV light resistant.

We have been installing the Leaf Relief system on homes in Cincinnati and the surrounding area for over 10 years, and during that time, we have never had a callback due to clogged gutters.

There are many types of gutter protection products on the market, and a lot of them don’t work. Leaf Relief does, and we feel that it offers the best combination of effectiveness and affordability.

Why choose Leaf Relief over the competitor's gutter guards?

Gutter guard comparison

Contact us today to request a free estimate or to learn more about how Leaf Relief gutter protection can improve the performance of your gutters.