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Springboro, OH's Trusted Siding Contractors

Selecting the siding material for your home begins with identifying your budget and desired home appearance. You then need to consider then level of upkeep you wish to have after installation is complete. With EMA Construction, you have access to 25+ years of home renovation expertise to help you navigate through your siding options. Our team cares as much as you do when it comes down to delivering both beauty and value to your home.

James Hardie Siding

A nationally recommended brand only measures up to its trusted quality when installed correctly. For as long as we have been in this home remodeling industry, we have been working with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. Our hands-on experience taught us the tactics to use and practices to avoid during installation and repairs. Customers also find comfort in knowing they receive a 30-year full coverage warranty with James Hardie siding products.

Key Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

  • Versatile Appearance: Can emulate the look of painted wood or other textures.
  • Lasting Reliability: Highly water-resistant protecting against swelling, warping and cracking.
  • Low Maintenance: Highly resistant to fading, chipping and cracking.
  • Lower Insurance: Because fiber cement is resilient against fire and hail damage, you may see a reduction in your home insurance premiums.

Vinyl Siding

For the past decade, vinyl has been one of the most popular residential siding choices for new home construction and renovation. Vinyl siding comes in a wide range of styles including dutch lap, beaded, shingle, and clapboard. You can transform the exterior of your home into what you've always wanted it to be while staying budget-friendly. Our contractors are all fully certified and licensed to provide the safest and most professional workmanship for the residents of Springboro, OH.

Key Advantages of Vinyl Siding

  • Cost-effective: Low installation cost and low upkeep costs.
  • Extensive Selection: Choose from 300 different colors.
  • High Color Retention: Anti-fading and no chipping.
  • Low Maintenance: Removing collected dust and dirt is as simple as rinsing it off.
  • Strong Physical Durability: Holds against harsh weather without denting.
  • No Moisture Build-up: Breathable design prevents mold and mildew growth.

Cedar Siding

While wood is known for its demanding maintenance requirements, the natural beauty and gorgeous aesthetic are undeniable. Setting yourself up for easy, continued upkeep of cedar siding starts with proper installation. Our professional contractors understand the importance of corrosion-resistant fasteners, priming all wood surfaces before installation, and not overdriving a nail. These installation practices make a real difference when ensuring a long and durable life for your cedar material. EMA Construction is ready to meet your expectations for cedar siding repairs and installation throughout Warren County and Franklin Townships.

Key Advantages of Cedar Siding

  • Increase Property Value: Cedar gives an elegant and high-end appearance other materials can only emulate.
  • Timeless Look: Can be cut, stained, or painted to complement any home style.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Renewable and biodegradable to appease any green home.
  • Natural Insulation: Cedar naturally produces thermal and noise insulation.
  • Most Durable Wood: Unlike other wood types, Cedar does not hold onto moisture, is highly resistant to UV rays, and can last for decades.

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